Sliced and Diced

Lifes a little bit tough at the moment. My Mum has just had a hysterectomy, anotherwords had her womb removed. She is out of hospital now thankfully, but things are a bit crazy. When you have an abdominal hysterectomy, you aren’t allowed to do barely anything. And by barely anything, I basically mean NOTHING. She isnt allowed to lift things, push things, pull things, bend down etcetc. When it comes down to it, this cancels out a lot of things, especially when you think lifting includes things like kettles, bending down includes washing, cleaning, washing up, feeding the dog, picking up things from the floor, hoovering, sweeping… Pushing and pulling means no doors. You get the idea. Basically all she is allowed to do for the next 8 weeks is sit, lay and stand. Even walking is to be kept to a minimum. Course this means a lot of work on my part, being the eldest of 4 children! I taxi the kids to school, go to school myself, come home, do housework, prepare dinner, clean up after the kids, make the next days lunches, have a shower and go to bed. Im soooo behind on my school work already. Plus, I work all weekend, which makes things harder. :/ But Im sure I’ll get used to it.

Before this, I didn’t think I took my Mum for granted… but now I have to do most things, I’m realising just how much I actually did! The silliest things like… feeding the fish, doing the shopping list, keeping the toilet roll holder filled and things you generally don’t even think about I suddenly noticed, as if they didn’t exist before! And it was because Mum was always doing them that I never noticed!

Moral of all this is… Before you moan at your parents when they ask you to do something, sit back and think about what they do for you! Because I think you’ll find its actually quite a lot. Its a wonder they fit it all in!