Royal Wedding malarkey

You know whats annoying me at the moment… Even more so than the fact that the 26th April marked the day of my birth, meaning that I am now another year closer to being a fossil? The Royal Wedding. Don’t get me wrong, it is a big event, what with Prince William marrying Kate Middleton, a middle class “commoner” from Bucklebury (which is literally a 15 minute walk from my hometown), therefore it is a bit exciting. What is annoying me about it though, is all the down-right tacky junk with their faces on that is being sold because of it! I can understand commemorative coins, collectable mugs and possibly teatowls, but shops and supermarkets down here are also selling things such as biscuit tins (obviously with biscuits in them), coasters, car flags, banners, normal flags, stickers, cakes, boxes of fudge, photos in frames, badges, stationery… the list goes on. Their engagement photo is plastered all over these items! Why did we need to push the boat out so far?
Another thing that annoys me is the paparazzi surrounding this whole thing. Bucklebury and surrounding areas are TEEMING with camera crews camping out and generally pestering residents. I have many friends that live in Bucklebury, and most have said that they have had people stop them on their journeys to ask them questions about the wedding. One girl was even approached by an AMERICAN TV crew, who flew over specially…! A TV crew also wanted to come to my school, because they wanted to interview one of my old DT teachers who is her Uncle and will be in the front row! I feel quite sorry for Kate and William at the moment. Hoards of cameras are there no matter where they go because everyone is so hyped up. Kate doesn’t even have to BE at her home in Bucklebury and the press still snoop around. It is estimated that over 2 BILLION people will watch the wedding, and whilst I will be one of them watching the main part of it, I feel quite sad that they can’t have a quiet, normal wedding… Because I have no doubt everything about the wedding will be under scrutiny by millions. I was watching the news and they were saying how it “simply has to go perfectly, as rehearsed”. Of course it does…! Even if one tiny miniscule thing goes wrong, like Kate smudges her lipstick or something, some people will bitch about it for an eternity and they will never live it down.

EDIT I am by no means a royalist or a royal enthusiast, and I wasn’t planning to watch the Royal Wedding because I have so much work to do, but I did succumb. I only watched the main bulk (parents arriving, wedding & balcony appearance)… and jeez wasn’t it a stunner of a wedding!