End of an era brings site hiatus

I remember when I was 4, I was whisked off with my 101 Dalmations lunchbox, in my oversized duffle coat, wearing my eyepatch with my favourite sticker in the middle, and a pair of huge purple rimmed glasses that almost covered my entire face, for my very first day of school.

That was 15 years ago. I would never have imagined back then, that I would be where I am today. So much happened, and so much changed. Probably the biggest change of all, happened on the 27th May. I left 6th Form. 15 years of education, finished. BAM. Done. Its quite un-nerving. Last year I watched all my friends leave and go off to University, whilst I stayed back an extra year because I changed my career plans. I was excited then. I thought ‘Next year that will be me, FINALLY leaving school’. But the closer it came, the more I began to dread it. We spend what… 70% of our lives in school before we are 19? To suddenly not have that rountine, that support, and for it all to change so fast and to be released into the big wide world is quite terrifying. Or maybe its just me?

My last day was pretty good, although it wasn’t half as good as the last day last year (even though I wasn’t leaving, I was still allowed to participate in leavers prom and last day, cos it was all of my friends…). We had a new head of 6th Form this year, which I think was the reason why it wasn’t as brilliant… There were barely any pranks. The assembly was dull; she left out so many pictures people sent in, and just clicked through them without a commentry. She basically ignored all of us ‘year 14s’ (the people who stayed for a 3rd year), not including pictures of us in the assembly and avoiding our table at the pub… In fact, she generally didn’t seem to join in or have any fun with anyone all day. Which was a shame.

Now, life is all about revision, revision, revision, and this is going to kill me to say this to you, but I’m going to have to put Vintaged.Org and everything to do with it on hold for a few weeks. I may randomly blog or comment some peoples, but as it stands, I will be cutting it all out completely. I need to focus on exams right now.
I will still however be tweeting my entire life on Twitter, so if you haven’t followed me yet im @Vintaged, I just don’t have hours to dedicate to the site for a bit.
My last exam is on the 24th June, and ends at 11.30am, which is little over 4 weeks away, so I shall see you then!
Wish me luck!