Im baaack!

My exams are finally over! Man, it feels so good to say that! Its so much of a relief, that I’m now ill with a cold! Haha. Yep, I have post-exam sickness! I always get ill when exam periods finish… Its apparently something to do with stress and the immune system… Hopefully I get better soon though… I’ve felt like death for 3 days now and it sucks. This wasnt how I was planning on spending my first week of freedom… :/
It seems strange… My life feels so empty without revision! To think I was doing 6-7 hours of revision every day for about a month and suddenly I don’t need to! Sure it was exhausting, my brain hurt, I woke up every morning with the prospect of more revision which made me really depressed and all the days started to merge into one long day, but I feel a bit lost… I don’t know what to do with my day! Obviously I’ll be at work a lot, to save for starting university in September, but I can’t work all day, everyday!
Got a few things to look forward to though. I’ve got tickets to go to Sonisphere on Sunday 10th July, so Ill be seeing Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Motorhead & Bill Bailey and few more which will be AWESOME! I’m going to Reading Festival at the end of August and there are a few other smaller things. Then of course, on the 15th July its Harry freakin’ Potter baby! I’m so excited!! Say, did anyone else feel a bit bummed with the Pottermore announcement? I sure did! We have to wait till OCTOBER to see what it actually is! :( Sad times. However I shall be one of those peoples who stays up till 12.01am on 31st July to see how I can get my nose in early. :P
Anyway… now that I’m exam free I can finally finish the theme I started a few months ago & will also be able to update more. HURRAH! For now, I am off to drink my weight in water and hopefully flush this rotten cold out of my system. Sorry if this blog is a bit jumbly & has 50 million spelling mistakes… Im so ill I don’t even care. :P