Finally something blog-worthy!

Apologies for not writing in a while! I wouldn’t say life has been boring at uni… At least the weekends haven’t been thats for sure! :P There has just been nothing blog worthy going on! UNTIL NOW!
I applied for a job for a company at uni in November, and got shortlisted for an interview which was held on the 15th December, the day before the end of term. Couldn’t have been a worse time really! That last week I had exams, I had to submit loads of assignments and I had presentations to give. None of which were made any easier by the fact that I’m somewhat of an insomniac now – even though I had done all my work with time to spare, the worry only further distrupted the little sleep I do manage to get.
I got one hour sleep the night before and had used what little brainpower I could muster in an exam that morning, so needless to say, my interview went AWFULLY. It was the most intense and longest interview I have ever had. My mind kept going blank when they asked me questions, I couldn’t find the right words to explain things. It was like I forgot how to even speak. I came out of the interview feeling like the biggest douchebag on the entire planet, and was pretty certain that I’d lost the job.
Imagine my shock when I got an email yesterday saying I’d been offered a part-time position, paying £8.84 per hour. £8.84!!!! Thats DOUBLE what I earn per hour now! And thats the JUNIOR rate! ‘What is this job?’, I hear you ask.
Well ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at a newly employed webdesigner! BOOYA!
Pretty ironic really, since webdesign was my fallback incase Clinical Psychology didn’t work out for me, yet I am now, only 3 months into my Psychology degree, (still 8-9 years away from becoming a fully chartered Dr of Clinical Psychology), already employed as a webdesigner. I didn’t realise it paid so well either! Perhaps I’m doing the wrong degree! Bahaaa! I’m still in shock! I can only assume my new portfolio redeemed me. I frantically bought, designed, coded and opened Faye.Nu (click) in around 24 hours after being asked to provide more portfolio material in order for my original application to be considered. What an awesome start to my Christmas break! :D

As for Christmas, I spent hideous amounts of money on presents (I like to spoil everyone, especially my Mum!), and I can’t WAIT for everyone to open them! :D Tis good to be home also, even though I’m working a LOT of shifts at the restaurant, and I miss my friends a lot!
Anyway, I hope everyone has as happy a Christmas as you could possibly have (that is if you celebrate it of course!). I’d hug ya’ll if I could!

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